Who we are?

Our Mission, Vision and Aim.

At elemental level, we strive to find efficient solutions in water & wastewater engineering that create a lasting impact and that is and always will be the sole purpose of our existence.We probably may not know the perfect recipe for success, but we are most certain that our efforts are based on a clear long term vision and flawless engineering designed for exponential benefits for our customers,our passion to deliver excellence in quality by giving our stakeholders simplified & robust solutionsis backed by our experience, good engineering practices and diligent service.

We help in value addition to our client’s water treatment processes, we can surely help them understand the nature of their effluent and make them choose what is best for them. Taking on the challenges of, stricter compliances, constrained budget, limited knowledge in the field, reducing operation costs, limited land availability, we provide solutions to overcome these challenges and let them focus on what they are best at.

Bringing a collective experience of more than 10 years in the field, we boast of an impressive team capable of working on wide range of solutions right from concept through to completion.



At Tevoren, we have made it our primary mission to offer our clients more than just solutions for Water and Wastewater – we offer our undivided attention as we believe that our success will always be dependent on our client’s success. Learning everyday to acquire up-to-date knowledge on the latest technologies so that we deliver the best and maximize the customer’s experience.

From the time we write this statement and you read it, global resources will have significantly reduced. Therefore, we want to provide our clients the most innovative solutions that can be applied for resource protection, optimized increase in the lifecycle of available resources and their reutilization. This can only be achieved by bridging the gap between conventional approach taken by the industry and rapidly advancing technologies that become available by every day, and that is our only mission.


  • To engage in “prevention is better than cure” methodology for our environment.
  • To put “wastewater to work” and make the wastewater treatment works an asset.
  • To be market leaders in water and wastewater engineering services.
  • To gradually evolve as one of the best water management companies.
  • To recycle every drop of wastewater generated.


To repay our
water debt to Mother Earth.