Water Analysis & Pilot Plant

Know your water/wastewater and see the results.

Water Analysis

Knowing your water / wastewater is the foundation of your good water management system.

Do you know your water?

  • Good use/reuse of water.
  • Proper selection of treatment technology
  • Better water treatment plants
  • Reduced process plant downtime
  • Focus on your indigenous product
  • Better production
  • Clear profits
  • Can’t reuse the water
  • Can’t select proper technology
  • Troubled water treatment plants
  • Increased downtime of process plants
  • All focus on water treatment
  • Lower production
  • Lower profits

Tevoren with its partner, a NABL accredited &MoEF certified water and wastewater testing lab, offers precise measurement of wastewater parameters including – Solvents, heavy metals, monovalent and diavalent ions etc, along with all other regular analysis.

We offer cost effective and comprehensive testing.

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Pilot Testing

Our claims for suitable, robust and the best technology can be put to test by piloting these technologies at your site.

This is a continuous endeavour to educate our clients as much as we can, as then they would be a better judge on “which is the appropriate technology” to their use and our synergies shall grow.

Tevoren Offers wide range of piloting which includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis Pilot Plant
  • Nano-filtration membranes pilot plant
  • POREX® Pilot plant
  • Micro filtration pilot plant
  • Forward Osmosis pilot plant
  • Jar tests

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