Sewage treatment

Billions of rupees are drained into controlling and preventing the diseases caused by improper disposal of sewage.

As per the latest UN report


of the sewage generated is discharged untreated in our ecological system.

CPCB reports 62% of an estimated 61754 MLD sewage generated (Year 2016) is directly discharged into nearby water bodies.

Of all the treated sewage, it is common knowledge that 50% does not even complies to the discharge norms set by environment protection agency for a safe discharge.

Inadequate sanitation costs INDIA ₹2,40,000.00 Crore (US$ 53.8 billion) annually, with proper sanitation and sewage treatment ₹1,48,000.00 Crore (US$ 32.6 billion) annually could be saved.


What can we do?

Why us?

Tevoren offers good, robust and reliable technologies to curb pollution and the negative impact caused by untreated sewage onto our environment and health.

May it be aerobic/anaerobic suspended or attached growth biological treatmemt processes or by simple physical, chemical treatment and filtration – Tevoren holds the capacity to design, supply, install and commission along with the operation & maintenance of all such plants.

How we help?

Trickling Filters /
Bio towers
sludge process
Moving bed bio-reactor /
Fluidised bed bio-reactor
Upflow anaerobic sludge
blanket bio-reactor
Downflow anaerobic
fixed film reactor
Submerged aerated
fixed film reactor
Sequential batch reactor
SQ Mem based